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Grammar Girl

I worked with Fairfax Banks and the team from Praytell Agency on a couple of illustrations for an article about the difference between “i.e.” and “e.g.” as explained by the wonderful Grammar Girl. I actually found this information very useful—I never realised how much I confused these two terms!

Big thanks to Drew from Closer&Closer for bringing me this very enjoyable project.
Full page illustration.

The process

I got a lot of joy out of this project’s process. Fairfax was a pleasure to work with, and provided clear and helpful feedback throughout. Below I’ve shared a number of snapshots from various stages of the job. 

This is quarter-page element that goes into a little more detail on the difference between the two terms.

Early sketches

Coloured roughs

Here’s a screen recording of me working in Procreate on a cleaned-up version of the final artwork.

Dave Coleman. Type design, lettering & illustration.

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