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EB Hand

I created an OpenType-enriched handwriting typeface, based on the quaint writing of Emma Booty. The project was commission by Mint Velvet, a London-based clothing label, and is used in their catalogues and marketing material.

The typeface creates the illusion of imperfect human marks, making use of a complex system of alternate glyphs and code that provides instructions for how and when those glyphs should appear when typed.

Special thanks:
– To Ron Callaghan, who provided invaluable help with the code, and made this project possible.
– To Tal Leming, for his OpenType Cookbook, without which I may never have known where to begin.
– To Kyle Wayne Benson, for writing some very helpful Python scripts
– To Mathieu Réguer, who looked over the project in it’s early stages, and helped establish some intial logic.

EB Hand in use

An example of the number of alternates required to power a single letter. The “a” glyph gets a few extra alts, given how commonly it appears in English texts.

Dave Coleman. Type design, lettering & illustration.

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