Buffon is a reverse-contrast display typeface with a playful personality, and very sassy heavy weight.

With four weights, a generous character set, and ligatures & stylistic alts, Buffon shrugs off the tired Spaghetti Western stereotype so often associated with reverse-contrast—but could make a very nice Wanted poster, if the need arose.

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A sample of some calligraphy from the class with Julien.
The shapes that ultimately lead to Buffon came about during a calligraphy class at TypeParis with Julien Priez. Julien encouraged us to experiment with our lettershapes, and the way we hold our pen. I enjoyed the lines and shapes I got when holding the nib at 90°, giving the letters areas of thickness at the top and bottom, and keeping the stems light.

Here is a sample of some calligraphy from that day. The style changed a lot as the project progressed.


A big thanks to Mike and Karen Jones from Creative South for sponsoring my first TypeParis trip, to JFP and the TypeParis crew for their invaluable guidance throughout the inception of Buffon, to Riley Cran for his generous input as we prepped for release on LostType, and to my wife Laura for her patience and support when I get lost in drawing type.