About me

I love drawing. When I was a kid, my Dad worked as a photocopying technician, and would bring home reams of A4 copy paper for me and my brothers to draw on. One side was usually occupied by a test print (sometimes these were funny cartoons!), and the other side was fresh, blank, and ready for scribbling on. So, you could say I had a good childhood.

My favourite things to draw are characters, and lettering. I have a fascination with the process of taking one’s experiences—the good and the bad, channeling them through a mark-making device into illustrations, and inviting others to meet, relate to, and even accept these characters into their hearts and memories. Breathing life into an inanimate drawing is a two-part process, an unspoken agreement between the artist and the viewer.

I relish the tension that exists between wild, expressive shapes, and the logic and order of systems that attempt to harness the vital parts of that expression. I see this process of abstraction in character design, where the constraints of animation necessitate a removal of unnecessary details. Also in type design—particularly typefaces inspired by lettering—where untamed letterforms are forced to fall into a tightly choerographed dance. It’s a beautiful thing, and it’s why I draw characters and make fonts.

Clients I’ve worked with

Disney, Lollapalooza, Coachella, Dolby, New York Magazine, The Lily, Jamie Mag, Buck (for Nike and WestConnex), City of Sydney, Westfield, Woolworths & Mint Velvet.

Things I’ve written or spoken about

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Things I’ve been published in

Coachella CAMP magazine
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